Our commitment to our customers is to provide them with the highest quality workmanship, clear outlined timelines, project management and above all competitive pricing. We are specialists in interior renovations which means that our priority is quality, guaranteed customer satisfaction.

We are the solution to all your renovations needs.

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Many people would like to make changes to their home, and in their efforts to do so they engage the remodeling and renovation services of Well Refined.

These people are looking for experts in the field of remodeling, and what the found was highly professional work from our designers, contractors, and handyman service for all their remodeling jobs.

When renovating the bathroom, the majority give prime importance to quietness and tranquility when planning this renovation. The truth is, is that here is where many start their day and do a lot of their mental planning of the day’s activities, so it is understandable that for many want their bathroom to be in the best conditions.

What will make your bathroom renovation stand out?


To be the best in our field, we are focused on our commitment to the highest quality of work, performance and affordability. With many years of experience, all members of our team are experts in their individual field. What we offer our clients is a cornucopia of remodeling and renovation services which will give you the desired improvements not just to your home but also your life.

What we want is to give you what desire. We will provide your flooring, cabinetry, doors and windows, plumbing and HVAC needs. With this endeavor to give you your desires we all include:

  • We make available written quotations on all your projects to better assist you in planning your budget.
  • Our trained crew of experts, have expertise of the highest quality.
  • We provide high quality work for an affordable cost.
  • We honor our deadlines without sacrificing quality.
  • A complete renovation that leaves your home looking as good as new.

Our friendly team of customer service personnel will guide and explain to you our requirements. Visit us in Winnipeg, or contact us by either phone or email. We are waiting to give you the desires that you so rightly deserve.



Sooner or later, all home owners find the necessity to have renovations done to their homes. Today renovations are more complicated than years before, and true professionals must give the proper attention in order for the job to be completed in the correct manner. There may be companies in Manitoba that have the machinery and manpower but are they are as highly skilled and well acquainted with the current techniques to complete your house renovations.

To insure the process of renovating your home is hassle free and delivered within the scheduled time frame it will be best to hand over complete responsibility of your house renovations process to a professional renovation company.


Let us plan your home renovation

First you need to come up with a house renovation plan. The most important part of the planning process is the selection of the renovation company. The following are some of the factors that must be taken into consideration when selecting the company:

The company’s credibility

Their previous work experience

The positive/negative testimonials

Their work progress clearly indicated

Their commitment to fulfilling their deadlines

Then once you’ve selected the renovation company, you need to discuss your ideas of the renovations you want, and also your budget.

Finally, you need to request that the renovation company you’ve chosen provide you with the schedule of the project. This will insure that they take responsibility in completion of your project, and keep you up-to-date on the progress.

How will we serve you?

Our process is as follows: after our meeting with you and understanding clearly you desires and your budget, we will then sit down with our team to work out the best way to bring to completion your desires, also what will be the schedule and how to guarantee your satisfaction. Depending on the project we will then meet with the necessary designers and engineers to make sure that everything is perfectly planned and scheduled.

If is your desire to have renovations done to your, just give us a call and we will set up a meeting with you to discuss your plans and examine the house. Please give us a call or send us an email and we will set up a meeting as soon as we are both free.