Eco-Home Grants

Buildings, including our homes, account for 18% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. Well Refined Renovations has a goal to help Canadians make where they live as energy-efficient, and comfortable as possible. With our Eco-Building expertise we aim to lower your monthly bills while also supporting our environmental objectives. We offer connections with the Canada Greener Homes Grant to help homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient, working with Canadian energy advisors to fight climate change.

With as little as one consultation, we can help secure:


  • Up to $5000 for energy-efficient retrofits to your home

  • Interest-free loans of up to $50,000 for green building expenses

  • Expert advice on what changes you can make to your home to lower your monthly bills.

How can I make my home more energy efficient?


There are many ways to make your home more energy-efficient, such as:

  • Looking for products with the blue-and-white ENERGY STAR® logo. These products have been designated by the Canadian government as best in class for energy-efficiency.

  • Re-evaluate your insulation. Loss of heat in the cold months can often lead to your furnace working harder than it needs to!

  • Replacing windows and doors with proper sealing, low-emissive glass windows. This will prevent your climate controlled air from leaking out and causing your A/C unit to work for as long, saving you energy!


Find out more about what services and products we offer to save you money, here.

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