Home Additions

As families grow the livable space of the home that they reside in gets to the point that they have to add an extension to their home. The addition may be caused by an addition to the family or other increase in size. Whatever the reason may be, the project of a home addition is best handled by the professional renovation expert here at Well Refined.

It is recommendable to hand over your home additions work to a company that are experts in home renovations or remodeling work. A company that not only has the expertise, but also has a team of experts that has the technical ability and equipment to make it possible for them to bring to completion your dream.

Well Refined is a company that will help you through in all the remodeling or renovation work you need done. Well Refined has been a leader in their field for many years and understands that customers have different needs and wants from their home additions.

What you expect from Well Refined?

CWhen you contract Well Refined to construct a customized home addition we realize that every addition can vary according to the need of the customer. Your need may be to accommodate your aged parents and if that is the case then the addition most likely should be on the ground floor. If it is for a new baby, the new space needs to be with the other bedrooms in the home. Every need brings different circumstances and we can help you to understand the different requirements and handle your addition accordingly.

We will discuss every detail of the project with you to ensure that you understand what to expect at the end of the project, as well as we know what you are expecting from us. This way there is complete satisfaction by both parties when the job is done.

Ideas of Options for Home Additions:

In recent years there has been a number of new and innovative options for home improvements:

  • A common concept today is the ideology of going green. We offer additions that cater to the making of your home eco-friendly with the proper techniques in the new addition.
  • Another newer concept has to do with caring for the health of the people living in these homes. With the new technology, your home, as well as your new addition, can be health-friendly as well as “eco-friendly.”
  • In keeping with the green project, we take care that the material taken out of the home during the construction is properly disposed of, as well as the greenery around the house left unharmed.

If you have the need or desire to extend your home and make additions to it, please contact us to help you in taking the right steps and make the plans accordingly. You can contact us by phone or email, as details of both are given on our contact us page. Feel free to browse through the testimonials to get a comprehensible picture of what we offer, and how others have benefited from contacting us.

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