We offer a wide array of services that give back to the earth and look stylish at the same time. Whether you are looking to go carbon-neutral, or just do your part to combat climate change, Well Refined Renovations is your Winnipeg Green Contractor and has the tools to see your project through. 

Take a look at some of the Green Building opportunities Well Refined Renovations has on offer right now!


Solar Power

The amount of sunlight that strikes the earth’s surface in an hour and a half is enough to handle the entire world’s energy consumption for a full year. Solar technologies convert sunlight into electrical energy through panels of silicon cells. This energy can be used to generate electricity or be stored in batteries or thermal storage. With solar energy, you could create over $40,000 in accumulated savings over 20 years.

Biodegradable Materials

Mainstream construction makes little use of biodegradable materials, a problem we aim to fix. Usual building materials, such as timber, is biodegradable by its own, but loses that perk due to improper installation or treatment of the material. Well Refined Renovations is committed to making our projects as gorgeous, and as environmentally friendly, as possible.

Green Insulation

Your HVAC system accounts for over 30% of your homes energy consumption. Preventing loss of temperature is vital to keeping your HVAC systems from working overtime. Made from a variety of biodegradable or sustainable materials, such as soybeans, the right green insulation from Well Refined Renovations can save you anywhere from 10-30% on your energy bills!

Smart Appliances

Appliances use up the most energy in your home, by a vast margin. Optimizing the energy use of your appliances can be the difference between thousands of dollars in savings, and your overall carbon footprint. Our team has many recommendations of programmable smart appliances, such as intuitive thermostats, stovetops, washing machines, and dishwashers, that will drastically reduce your overall energy consumption..

Cool Roofs

Black shingle roofs draw light and absorb solar temperatures of up to 90° C! A Cool Roof is a roofing system that delivers the highest solar reflectance of all roofing materials of similar calibre. As simple a change as replacing the materials used on your roof can drastically reduce your carbon footprint, as well as your comfort of temperature in your home.

Sustainable Resource Sourcing

We source all our eco-materials from ethical, and sustainable sources. This gives you peace of mind that your home is as green as it can get.

Self Powered Buildings

We also specialize in projects dedicated to sustainable, self-powered buildings. These projects involve many different strategies unique to each building, such as energy use, solar power, and energy efficiency.

Rammed Earth Bricks

These bricks are as green and impressive as they get. Made entirely out of clay, soil, and plant fibre, these bricks are 100% waterproof, fireproof, and require no synthetic materials to create. Make your next reno even greener with these creative and stylish bricks!

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