Commercial Renovations

Even the smallest renovation service can quickly become a much larger project than expected, and commercial renovations are some of the most complex. Not only are commercial buildings or offices generally larger spaces, but they also may need specific changes to meet Winnipeg commercial building code. Before you go contracting a handyman off Kijiji, talk about your project with a trusted builder and renovations expert – Well Refined Renovations. Big or small, we want to help you with your renovation.

Practical Reasons – Winnipeg Commercial Renovation Services

There are a multitude of good reasons to renovate a commercial space. For many people, after acquiring a commercial lease, or purchasing a building, the interior is often what is considered bare bone. Minimal equipment is left behind with bare walls and floors. For some, the space may still contain all the previous business’ equipment or retain a very specific floorplan. Older buildings may even require service to get back up to code.

Economic Factors – Winnipeg Commercial Renovation Services

Customers will always resonate with new and fresh-looking businesses. Curb appeal is of utmost importance when you’re trying to sell a product or impress clients. The difference between a run-down retail operation vs one that has an attractive look and modern floorplan is stark. Talk to us about our high-quality renovation services and contracting us to refresh your commercial space.

Thinking about moving? You may not have to. If you’re considering moving locations due to problems with your commercial building or office space, there may be options. The cost of purchasing another building or office space in Winnipeg can add up quickly. Not only are you paying directly for this new space, but there may be additional permits required to get it functioning for your business. You’re also taking a huge risk if your business relies on customers knowing your location. Moving locations has destroyed businesses in this city and high-quality renovations and repairs may be the safest choice. We can help you where a handyman can’t. We go the distance.

Be Prepared and Know the Scope – Winnipeg Commercial Renovation Services

So, what should a person do before signing off on a commercial renovation project? The first step is checking the Certificate of Occupancy. It’s quite common for business owners to lease their location, so it’s important to know what is legally possible in that space. Not every commercial property is going to be able to go from an office to a restaurant, or especially, a private residence to a business. Often basement property will come with more restrictions than street-level or higher. We can help you assess your options. Call us for a free consultation, today!

Winnipeg commercial building code violations of any kind need to be serviced or receive repairs immediately in any office space or commercial building renovation. This is especially important for a location that has not been in use for a while. The longer a property sits, the bigger the project you may have to get back up to code. Winnipeg commercial building code evolves over time and laws change. Something from even the 1990s will require some level of modernization.

Examples of violation issues include damaged or improper fire sprinkler systems, electrical hazards, sanitation issues, old basements without proper exits, and accessibility challenges. While a handyman may be able to recognize these hazards, they may not be certified to handle them properly or may take extra hours to tackle the problem. Contracting our professional renovation service is your best bet to handle your project.

Getting a good deal on prime commercial real estate is great, but renovations to make it usable can add up quick if not handled by the right contractor. That’s where high-quality professional renovation service from Well Refined Renovations comes in. Talk to us about working on your office space or building in Winnipeg. We can offer you help to figure out the scope of your project. Call us for a free consultation.

Know your Project’s Needs and Wants – Winnipeg Commercial Renovation Services

What are needs and wants? Needs are things like mechanical, electrical, plumbing, drywall, any major stucco repair, and overall structural renovations. These renovations need to be done if they are key to meeting Winnipeg commercial building codes as well as things such as basic sanitation and safety standards. These repairs almost always need to be done by professionals with the proper training and certifications to meet City of Winnipeg standards. Don’t take a risk contracting a handyman who may not have the proper liability insurance or experience.

Wants are things like design cues, colour, floorplan, finished basement, and any other aesthetic trait you want to have in your office space or commercial property. If your business is in a building with a visible and alterable exterior (check with your landlord if you can change stucco/paint/signage) then certain elements there will fall into your want list as well.

The most exciting part of a professional renovation project is designing the overall look and feel of the space. Taking the design of your commercial property to the next level can make your business stand out in a world with more noise than ever. This is somewhere we can offer you our expertise whereas the average handyman cannot. Another area where we can go the distance.

Design is an element where a little creativity can go a long way. Whether you’re designing a restaurant, retail operation, or professional office space, your final look will play a major role in building environments conducive to your customers or clients. While there are still regulatory standards that may need to be met, they can instead be incorporated into your space instead of being a blight on its landscape. We can do some amazing things with drywall. Let our experienced experts help you with designing your interior and exterior (and basement as well) to make it help you achieve your business goals. Call us for a free consultation, today!

Plan. Plan. Plan. – Winnipeg Commercial Renovation Services

The design of your project’s space is so important. We cannot stress this enough. There are practically an infinite number of ways you can change a commercial space, and you want a look that will help your business grow. Professional renovation service, done well, should pay for itself.

At Well Refined, we’ve handled a diverse collection of renovations in Winnipeg, from Ad agencies to kitchens, bathrooms, and high-quality full commercial facelifts. We can take the oldest space and transform it into the newest. Commercial needs are always going to be a bit different from residential, as there are higher standards to be met. There are also a lot of similarities to residential renovations and our experienced and skilled team is familiar with these areas.

Our Philosophy– Winnipeg Commercial Renovation Services

We fundamentally believe in walking the company through every step of the process. Commercial renovations need to serve the mission of the company and by including you at every step we ensure your goals are being taken seriously and quality is top of mind.

If customers will be consistently visiting an area, it needs to make the right impression. If it’s an office renovation that primarily will be used by employees, it needs to become the best working environment possible.

We promise to offer the highest quality performance and affordability in whatever area we are working in. Our team’s projects always leave customers satisfied who will often return for help with any additional work in the future. With a strong commitment to going beyond expectations for the people of Winnipeg, commercial renovations are one of our many specialties. Let our skilled team work for you, don’t take the risk contracting a handyman who may possibly cost you extra hours. Call us for a free consultation, today!

How Do We Stand Out? – Winnipeg Commercial Renovation Services

We at Well Refined are committed to a higher level of work ethics. Our high-quality performance and affordability make us some of the best competition in our field. With all our years of experience, each member of our team are experts in their own specific fields. We can offer numerous options to our clients and take great pride in knowing our diverse set of skills is helping people build their businesses and office spaces.

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we also have extensive experience in residential renovations. If you’re looking for more information on residential renovations, things like stucco, drywall, paint and more, find out what we offer by clicking here or calling us for a free consultation today! No job is too big or too small.

Please have a look at our list of testimonials from satisfied customers. Additionally, if you’ve had us work on one of your projects, please send us a review or testimonial. We’d love to hear from you!

How Can We Benefit You? – Winnipeg Commercial Renovation Services

What you want as the customer is of greatest importance to us and we make sure you get what you want. We provide all types of flooring, cabinetry, doors and windows, as well as plumbing and HVAC services. We go the distance. In our striving for complete customer satisfaction we offer:

  • Written quotes for your projects so you can plan your budget.
  • A skilled and experienced team whose unique talents in their respective fields are of the highest quality using the newest techniques.
  • A quick, but careful team, saving you hours on your project.
  • Affordability that won’t break your budget.
  • Respect for established deadlines to avoid time delays and frustrations.
  • Reduced stress by way of knowing you can be involved at every step.
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